The federal government requires a large number of its employees and contractors to obtain security clearances in order to perform their job duties. Obtaining the correct security clearance is a complex process which often times requires an extensive investigation into the applicant’s background. A person seeking a security clearance may have their financial history and personal life reviewed in order for the government to obtain a clear picture of their character.

While the investigations that go into granting a security clearance are comprehensive, there is no guarantee that a government worker will possess their clearance indefinitely. The government can suspend or revoke an employee’s security clearance if confidence in the worker’s ethics or personal well-being is compromised in any way. A federal employee or contractor who is late on their household bills or who is charged with a criminal offense, for example, can see their clearance withdrawn immediately.

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service’s team of experienced attorneys is prepared to assist clients through each phase of the security clearance application or appeal process. The team is capable of handling all matters related to security clearances, including:

  • DoD & Federal Agency Clearance
  • Federal Contractor Security Clearance
  • Military Security Clearance
  • Security Clearance Denials & Revocations
  • Security Clearance Appeals
  • Hearing Representation

If you are in danger of losing your security clearance, or have already had it withdrawn, it is important that you consult with a security clearance lawyer right away in order to avoid the consequences of not being allowed to perform your job. You are entitled to due process before your security clearance can be revoked, and to legal representation through the revocation and appeal process.


Our team of security clearance attorneys, including a former administrative judge from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), has been hand-picked in order to provide the most elite and comprehensive representation. They are intimately familiar with the process used by the government in screening employees for security clearances, and they have helped many individuals prepare for this process. Our attorneys have also helped employees fight against clearance suspensions and revocations due to a variety of circumstances. At The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, we are prepared to work diligently for the successful resolution of your security clearance matter.