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There are many instances in which members of the military face a conviction or punishment for a crime that is a miscarriage of justice. If you have been convicted of a crime and you believe the outcome was unjust then you should contact a court-martial attorney to review your post-conviction relief options. Appealing a criminal conviction or sentence requires a high level of skill in military criminal law.

The firm provides members of the military that have been unjustly convicted with exceptional legal representation to address the issue of post-conviction relief. Service members often request new trials or renegotiation of a plea. Appeals can be beneficial, but are also difficult. Only certain law firms even attempt this process, and the legal team at the Federal Practice Group has the experience in this area of the law you will need. These are serious affairs and a lawyer with both military law and service experience is necessary.


The Federal Practice Group is a high quality criminal defense law firm, and able to assist in the appeals process. The firm knows exactly how the appeals process, sentence modification and the other forms of post-conviction relief function in military court. We understand that this is a stressful time for you and an appeal is your main concern. The firm is dedicated to seeking justice for members of the military that have faced a miscarriage of justice and are seeking post-conviction relief.

Appeals, sentence negotiation and new trial requests must be carefully prepared, presented and negotiated. The military court system casts a large shadow, but the Federal Practice Group has successfully appealed many cases and is very familiar with the system. There are serious risks in pursuing post-conviction relief, and it is crucial that you have an experienced attorney carefully managing the situation if you hope to be successful. You do not want to take the chance of losing your freedom, and the quality of your court-martial attorney cannot be underestimated in these situations.