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White Collar Offenses


White collar crimes are becoming very common in the military. Many service members perform such a crime to receive more money for living expenses or basic needs. Listed below are some of the more common white collar crimes:

Many service members receive an allowance for housing and other living expenses. If you lied on an official form, claimed a marriage, forged a signature or bribed someone to receive higher pay or allowance you may be liable for a white collar crime. The severity or amount of money you stole, intended to steal or the severity of your crime plays a direct role in the punishments that will be levied on you. A military criminal defense attorney can provide you with professional counsel if you have been charged with a white collar crime.


White collar crimes have gained more attention due to the large swindles that have been discovered recently. These crimes are serious and can result in extended prison sentences and extreme fines if you do not contact a lawyer immediately. The Federal Practice Group has been defending clients for over a decade and has received many favorable outcomes. The location of your crime is irrelevant as we will defend those overseas or within our borders. With years of experience, the Federal Practice Group understands the financial and emotional strain a charge can place on an individual or family. The firm wishes to alleviate those pressures by providing you with knowledgeable counsel and a dedicated team.

This law firm is extremely dedicated to each client we work with. We have over one hundred years of combined military law experience and understand how the system works. With personal military experience themselves, The Federal Practice Group knows what to look for in these cases. Our hard-work and aggressive defense will help to put your case in the best possible light heading into trial.