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Combat Environment



In times of war or active combat with enemy forces, a member of the armed forces may be charged with the commission of a wide variety of crimes. While one may think this type of infraction will result in a return to U.S. soil to stand trial, nothing could be further from the truth. The United States military is fully equipped to conduct trials in a combat environment, including hearings such as Boards of Inquiry. Despite being far from home, consider consulting the services of a skilled attorney to help build a strong case for your defense.

Members of the Armed Services are just as capable of committing crimes within the combat zone as they are outside of it. While sex crimes, drug crimes, computer crimes and other common charges may take up the majority, other high-profile incidents may also be brought to trial, such as in cases where soldiers have been accused of torturing prisoners, or killing innocents. While it may seem intimidating to be so far from home during such a turbulent time, knowing that you still have the right to a lawyer may be the difference in a proper defense or an open-and-shut case.


The Federal Practice Group has experience in defending the interests of those international military men and women who are in need of an accomplished military criminal defense attorney. No matter the clime or place, attorneys with our firm are able to get to any location throughout the world in as little time as possible, so that we can begin working to build a compelling case in your defense. We understand criminal law and how it translates to military tradition and community, and our firm will fight to see that no opportunity is lost to secure your freedom. Contact a court-martial attorney from our team to learn more!