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Security Detentions Extraditions



Ensuring an individual gets a fair trial is of the utmost importance to the Federal Practice Group. That is one of the reasons we provide exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable defenses for U.S. citizens, and non-citizens, who are facing security detention as well as defense for individuals who are in the U.S. and facing extradition.

Regardless of your alleged criminal act, if you or a loved one are facing security detention or extradition, you need to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney from the firm immediately. The attorneys at the Federal Practice Group are highly qualified and experienced in security detentions and extraditions. They will be able to accurately evaluate your circumstances, determine whether or not you can expect to get a fair trial in the country requesting your extradition, find out if the crime you are being accused of is a crime in both countries and determine if the punishment will fit the crime.


Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and success record you need when it comes to providing you with high quality representation for your security detention and/or extradition defense. We understand that being faced with security detention or extradition is an emotionally trying event, not only for you, but for your loved ones as well. We know that you cannot afford delays, especially when it comes to dealing with the possibility of being detained or extradited. However, it is important to keep in mind that you do have rights, and they must be zealously protected throughout the process. The firm is here to aggressively protect your rights and defend against an extradition. Contact an experienced attorney for more information!