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National Security Law



National Security Law is concerned with issues involving the intelligence, national defense and homeland security. Federal employees and military personnel often require varying levels of security clearance in order to qualify for certain jobs and assignments. The process of achieving the necessary security clearance is complex and involves the completion of seemingly endless questionnaires and forms.

When you are pursuing career advancement and opportunity, obtaining the necessary security clearances is vital to your future. You should contact an experienced military criminal defense lawyer to help you properly document your history to ensure that you successfully obtain the necessary clearance. The firm may also be able to help you appeal a denial of security clearance. The accomplished team of lawyers at The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service also represents people before various defense agencies. They can counsel clients and companies as they progress through the entire security clearance process including:

  • Preparing for security clearance interviews and polygraph examinations.
  • Pre-clearance counseling for SF-86 and DoD form 1879.
  • Preparing a response for the possibility of Statement of Reasons and Denial Letters.
  • Requests for post-denial hearings as well as requests for hearings.

When you hire an attorney from the firm, you are accessing part of a very talented team of lawyers with over a century of combined experience. They care deeply about their clients and will utilize every resource that they possibly can to tirelessly pursue the most favorable attainable result. Their caring attorneys appreciate that you have worked hard for your career and they will work hard to support you and they will vigorously fight to help you.


We all know that the world became a much different place following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Security measures and security clearance requirements are at an all-time high. Receiving security clearances can be a challenging process but your career is worth it. A knowledgeable military criminal defense attorney from the firm may be able to help you successfully obtain the security clearance you are seeking.