Military Drug Defense Attorneys


Drug offenses are very serious. The consequences can be as minor as fines or as severe as extended jail time. The threat of any consequences can provide service members and their families with stress and anxiety. The legal team hopes to help you and resolve your issue and alleviate that stress. Federal law can charge service members for drug violations that involve possessing, using, manufacturing, trafficking, selling or distributing an illegal or controlled substance. A military criminal defense attorney can help you with your drug offences by providing committed legal representation and knowledgeable counsel.

You need to make sure that a dedicated lawyer is representing you. Taking the chance of fighting this battle alone is a dangerous option. Serious legal ramifications can occur if you do not take the proper steps to defend yourself. Your record, financial stability and freedom could be at risk. The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service has over one hundred years of combined military criminal defense experience. They are dedicated to providing you with a strong defense and an aggressive mentality in the court room. A seasoned knowledge of the military legal system is essential in drug offense cases and their experience will help put your case in the best position possible. You work hard for your country and you should be defended by a lawyer who appreciates your sacrifice.


The legal team at the firm understands what you are going through. Accusations regarding drug offenses can have serious ramifications and destroy your military career. The attorneys at the Federal Practice Group want to help you through these turbulent times. These cases must be addressed by a skilled defender. Branches of the military often forget that they have to follow strict protocol when attempting to seize any controlled substance. If they failed to do so, it could result in your case being dropped. Lawyers from the firm will fight aggressively for your case and defend you at all costs. Contact a drug crime attorney from the team today if you have been arrested or charged with a drug related offense!


The proven attorneys at The Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.