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Confidential Informants



In criminal cases, one of the tactics that is often used is that of the Confidential Informant. A Confidential Informant is an individual who is covertly providing verifiable and credible information about criminal activities to law enforcement officers. More often than not, a criminal informant has played some part in the crime which is being prosecuted. They are then spared prosecution in exchange for their information or undercover work.

Confidential Informants can also play a key role in military cases by pitting one service member against another in exchange for leniency and/or immunity based on the information and covert intelligence provided. If you or a loved one suspects or has evidence that a Confidential Informant is being used by prosecutors to strengthen their case, you need to contact a court-martial attorney right away.


The use of a confidential informant can make or break an attorney’s defense strategy. Regardless of whether you are facing charges of drug offenses or computer crimesassault and battery or espionage, reliable informants can give key, incriminating evidence which may ultimately sway the judgment handed down by a court-martial or criminal court.

An experienced court-martial attorney, however, knows that by thoroughly investing the crime itself, as well as the Confidential Informant’s involvement in that crime, they are more often than not able to get the informant discredited and the testimony tossed out. An attorney understands prosecutors can be aggressive when trying to make their case. With the goal being the best resolution to your case, the legal team at our firm is who you want.