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Military Administrative Law



There are many forms of administrative law in the military. It is not uncommon to be caught up in some sort of administrative law at some point in your service. The Federal Practice Group is skilled to represent you in the following areas:

Administrative issues can be very serious as they can affect your ability to obtain benefits and possibly employment in the future. Notification of an investigation or an actual charge means you need to contact an attorney immediately. They can provide you professional legal counsel if you have been charged with administrative leave or a crime.


Administrative law is complex and laws change from year to year. The legal team at the firm has personal experience with all aspects of military administrative law. They have garnered the necessary skill and knowledge to address charges against military personnel. The stress from threats of discharge or competency reviews can affect your personal health and finances if you don’t take the correct legal action to defend against accusations.

The Federal Practice Group understands what you are going through and wants to help you through these hard times. They are legally qualified to represent clients worldwide and have seen numerous cases won or dropped because of their dedication and attention to detail. Administrative law cases are often won through hard-work and persistence. Your defense should be represented by a qualified military criminal defense lawyer with an abundance of experience. They understand that these cases are of the utmost importance and they will aggressively defend you against the charges you are facing.