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Defense Lawyer for Summary Court Martial

Court Martial Attorneys with Decades of Experience

A Summary Court Martial, or SCM, is a basic procedure involving a military officer, most often a judge advocate, who presides over both the prosecution and defense of the accused. If you have been accused of an offense you must agree to a summary court martial before it can begin. If you do not agree, the matter can be referred to a Special Court Martial. Deciding which course of action is best in your case can be a difficult decision. The most important step you can take to protect your rights and your future is to contact an experienced military criminal defense lawyer without delay.

A common issue that arises in a Summary Court Martial is that the presiding officer may not have any legal experience. The presiding officer must follow the Military Rules of Evidence, but if he or she is not familiar with them, there is a risk that your rights will be left unprotected. At The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, their devoted groups of lawyers passionately believe in aggressively protecting the rights of their clients. No matter where you are in the world, they may be able to help you determine your most ideal legal options.

Consequences of a Summary Court Martial

The punishment that you can receive in a Summary Court Martial can be sufficient and include imprisonment and can adversely impact your career. Future promotion opportunities may also be affected. Though the offense in question may have been minor, it can still follow you for the rest of your career. A skilled and resourceful attorney from the firm will vigorously protect your rights and your future. Their attorneys care about their clients and will travel anywhere in the world, even into a combat zone, to defend their clients. They are committed to tirelessly working to achieve the most favorable result possible. To learn how we could help you, contact a military criminal attorney today!