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DUI Attorney

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It does not matter where you are located; you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery if you have been under the influence of alcohol. The United States can deliver harsh penalties for those who are arrested and charged with DUI's, especially if you are a repeat offender. There are several facts or details that will weigh heavily on the outcome of your case:

  • You were under the influence of alcohol
  • You were under the influence of a drug
  • BAC or blood alcohol content must have been at .08% or higher
  • You must have been operating some vehicle in an area where the public is present
  • A field sobriety test deemed you unfit to operate or drive the vehicle

You may be at risk for losing your driving privileges, your freedom and have to face the added requirement of paying expensive fines. An attorney can provide you with experienced legal representation and will defend you aggressively against the accusation.

Do you need a DUI lawyer?

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service has defended numerous service members over their careers and they are dedicated to protecting the rights of members of the military in criminal cases, including charges of DUI. The firm understands how a police officer should conduct an arrest and each detail can be analyzed to ensure that protocol was followed exactly. The firm has represented cases that were dropped because federal officers failed to correctly follow protocol. They are not intimidated by the Armed Services Branches and will consult the opinion of one of the firm's officer misconduct specialists if needed.

They promise to provide you with an aggressive defense and will take seek out every opportunity that could benefit you. Defending your rights can be a daunting task and you do not want to fight his battle alone. You can rely on The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service. Their military criminal defense experience provides them with great insight to the procedures and laws surrounding DUI cases. Do not waste any time in contacting a DUI attorney from our team today!