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Veterans Benefits Attorney


If you are a veteran who has served in the U.S. Armed Forces, you may be able to obtain disability benefits if you have an injury or illness that came about during your period of active duty. You may also be able to obtain these benefits if you had a pre-existing condition that was made worse by your active military service, or if it was made worse by medical treatment that you received from the Veterans' Administration (VA). Unfortunately, the process of applying for these benefits is not always an easy proposition. Disability claims require extensive paperwork, including medical records and service records, and even then they are frequently denied. However, you may have a much stronger chance of successfully filing a claim for veterans' benefits if you are being represented by a veterans benefits attorney.

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service possesses over 100 years of combined legal experience, and has successfully assisted countless individuals in their veterans' benefits cases. We believe that those individuals who have served our country deserve to be taken care of in the event that they have been harmed in the course of performing their duties, and we work aggressively on their behalf to see that their rights are upheld. Our firm is available to assist you in filing your benefits claim, and we will provide you with support throughout the process in order to increase the likelihood of your claim being approved.


A person who is seeking veterans' benefits must first be recognized as a "veteran" in the first place. This is defined by the VA as an individual who actively served in the military, air, or naval services, and was discharged in a manner other than dishonorable. If the person qualifies as a veteran under the VA's definition, they must meet three conditions in order to receive disability benefits:

  • They must have a current disability that has been formally diagnosed by a licensed medical practitioner
  • They must have been injured or made ill while actively serving in the armed forces
  • Their current disability must qualify as "service connected," meaning that the disability is related to their time in active duty

Contact a veterans benefits lawyer who can provide you with professional legal assistance in your pursuit to successfully file a claim for veterans' benefits.